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A tree today, a forest tomorrow.

Billions of trees are cut down every year. That's about 2000 since you started reading this sentence. With climate change already right on top of us, we want to help in the small ways we can. That's why we created BlossomCoin.

Every time our crypto is bought or sold, a piece of the pie goes to our charity wallet. Then every week, we send that money (up to 0.5% of market cap) to the tree-planters of the world.

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We've donated

This money goes directly towards reforestation efforts and fighting the climate change crisis.

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The Team

Our team consists of programmers, web developers, designers and thought leaders. We're from all over the world, and we're experts in our respective fields. Our founders have been the first to dox themselves so far, with the rest of the team planning to do as we grow.

Robbie Thompson - Co-Founder & Developer

Robbie Thompson

Co-Founder & Developer

Hey everyone, I'm Robbie! I'm currently the Tech Director at Ruroc, and manage a team of over 20 developers. I started my career in cyber security, and soon after got involved with crypto. I'm excited to use my e-commerce experience to start creating innovative technologies for a good cause.

Daniel Goodwin - Co-Founder & Web Developer

Daniel Goodwin

Co-Founder & Web Developer

Hey! I'm Daniel. I'm a front-end web developer specialising in e-commerce website development. I have been developing websites for over six years and find it extremely fun!

I can't wait to plant some trees and do some good for the world!

Why invest in

Original Supply

Original Supply


30% of tokens burned.

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Transaction Tax

11% Tax On Transactions

5% distributed to holders.

5% burned.

1% to charity wallet.

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Growth from holding coin

Grow by Holding

We reward our holders by giving them BlossomCoin every time someone buys or sells.

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Charity donations

Charity Wallet

1% of all transactions go here. We then donate the full value of this wallet (up to 0.5% market cap) to tree planting charities every week.

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We're in it for the long haul - this is how we're going to take root in the market and cultivate the BlossomCoin crypto and community. We'll make sure you stay in the loop as we go. Merchandise, open charity votes, and plenty more will be blooming!

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Q2 2021

🥳 Website Launch

🏷️ Pre-sale

📢 Public Launch

📝 Whitepaper

📈 CoinMarketCap Listing

🔴 Live Coin Watch Listing

🦎 CoinGecko Listing

🤓 Audit

💸 First Donations

💁 Influencer Marketing

👥 Team Reveal

Q3 2021

💁 Major Influencer Marketing

💻 New Website

🤝 Charity Partnerships

👕 Official Merch/Shop

📈 Minor Exchange Listing

🌎 Further Ecosystem Development

💎 Official NFTs

💼 Physical Advertising

💸 More Donations

Q4 2021

📈 Major CEX Listings

👥 In-Person Events

🌳 Business Carbon Offsetting

🤫 More coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I buy?

Check out our guide on how to buy here.

What is BlossomCoin?

BlossomCoin is a new charity token that aims to tackle the climate change and deforestation crisis, by donating a portion of all transactions to charities directly tackling these problems.

To sustainably achieve this we charge a 11% tax on all transactions. 5% is distributed to existing holders, 5% is burned and 1% is donated directly to the charity wallet.

How are charities decided?

We're currently working with charities that accept crypto as a donation method to reduce the fees/tax implications with donating in fiat.

Feel free to suggest more in our Telegram!

Why are people saying this is rug-proof?

After creating the token we renounced ownership of the contract, meaning that we can no longer modify the source code powering the token.

This puts us in the exact same position as the rest of the community, where no one has any more power over someone else.

Is liquidity locked?

Why is renouncing ownership a good thing?

Proof of renounced ownership:

Renouncing ownership means that we have no way of creating backdoors, removing liquidity, minting tokens or altering anyone else's wallets.

This sounds like it should be a given, yet many other token developers still haven't done this.

How does the tax get split?

5% - distributed to existing holders

5% - burned for deflation

1% - donated directly to the charity wallet

How does BlossomCoin help?

The charity wallet cumulates over each week by taking a 1% tax on all transactions.

We then donate the full value of the charity wallet (up to 0.5% market cap) to a selected charity - which they then use to plant trees and support climate change initiatives.

What is the contract address?

The verified contract can be found here: 0x8d03e069840D6Fb103abC4F640C8cc07F7F4bc10

If you're purchasing, make sure to set your slippage to at least 12%.

Where is the charity wallet?

The charity wallet and all transactions can be found here: 0x66304535A1bbfa34D99c8164f1126B9b2fd47433

Fight climate change with BlossomCoin.

We're committed to getting trees planted, and helping the environment in our own way. We'll soon be working with businesses to help them offset their carbon emissions, just by holding BlossomCoin.

Join in too by planting your seeds in the BlossomCoin crypto, and you can not only make a difference, but earn profit just by holding onto it. A win-win for you and the planet.

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Man holding saplings he has planted